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December 22 2014


Tea tree oil and olive oil Frazzle Herpes

Herpes is of the most common viral diseases. Plenty of people are infected with the herpes virus, without knowing, because it occurs very seldom in people

When her mouth Herpes kill this is most likely due to the reduced immunity, you exposure to hot or cold air, exhaustion and stress, various colds with nice immune systems.

Herpes on lips is very troublesome, because besides that creates disagreeable sensations, they zagrozâva the lips. Ladies use lipstick, and attempts to spread herpes by toothpaste does not give the desired result.

Tea tree

Herpes on lips is manifested in the type of bubbles, which are painful and progressive pop, then Herpes dries and disappears.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Scam -Ship program recommended When crust is formed, it ought to not be touched and broke off, as the infection will be activated again. Against Herpes help the tea tree and olive oil.

Tea tree has a powerful antiseptic properties, there is as well as a powerful antifungal, antiviral and immune stimulating action. Olive oil is soothing and is very useful for herpes.

Tea tree oil in combination with olive oil cure a fever blister quickly. Mix two teaspoons of olive oil with four drops of tea tree oil. If desired you can add vitamin e one drop.

A small of this mixture is applied on a stick for cleaning the ears. Along with her smeared slightly Herpes on the lips. The procedure is repeated times a day.

Olive Oil

Add two drops of olive oil and after the mixture cold, spray mouth along with her. Dip stick for cleaning the ears in the mixture and the two times every day namazvajte

You can treat the blister and otherwise. Boil 200 millilitres of water and add three drops of tea tree oil in hot water after you have removed it from the heat.herpes. The evening again spray copious lip with the mixture.

Tea tree oil does not harm healthy skin, it acts only on the modified tissue, which appears to be herpes. Do not use tea tree oil in it, in the event you have and allergy to cine-ole this is the main ingredient in tea tree oil.

However, if the tea tree oil does not act so as to get an allergic reaction, you can use it in pure form. Mix five drops of tea tree oil and five drops of namsazvajte times every day herpes.

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